Paramanadi Trust conducts activities for the welfare of economically weaker sections of our society. We have been providing aids for children pursuing school or college education, medical aids, grocery to needy persons when covid-19 crippled the economy besides providing funds to goshalas for buying fodder for cows or building roofs and shelter for cows.

1. Education

1a. Educational aid

Provided in the year 2020



Provided in the year 2022



Provided in the year 2023

Paramanadi Trust has been providing educational aid to children doing kainkaryam in Temple, to children whose parents are doing kainkaryam in Temple, to needy srivaishnava children and to other children in need of financial support. Sri Aandaal maalaa seva group from New Jersey, which has been doing many kainkaryam like offering garlands, flowers, ornaments in different divyadesams and other temples, has been supporting the trust in its efforts to provide educational aid, from the year 2022.

The educational aid programme for 2023 was held on 4th June from 3.30 pm in Thiruvellarai Melatthirumaligai. The programme began and ended with songs being sung by a few children who were receiving the aid. Sri U Ve Vishnuchithan Swami spoke about Aazhvaar and Emberumaanaar and the activities of the trust.

 1b. Prize Distribution

Paramanadi Trust distributed prizes to students in the annual day function (March 31, 2023) of a school in Thiruvellarai.

2. Medical allowance

Provided in the year 2020


3. Corona Relief Grocery

Provided in the year 2020

4. Goshaala