Just as it is the duty of everyone who has had upanayanam to do sandhyaavandhanam and other rituals and to take up the study of the Vedas, Ithihasas, Puranam, Smruthis and aagamas, anyone who has had samaashrayanam (panchasamskaara) has to take up the study of the commentaries on Arulichcheyals (Nalayira Divya Prabandham) and rahasya texts. All these texts require a sound knowledge of Sanskrit and Tamil. In the current state of affairs, very few have opportunity to undertake a proper study of Sanskrit or Tamil or our scriptures or our sampradaya granthas due to lack of teachers and other reasons. Paramanadi trust proposes to fill this lacuna by providing a platform where srivaishnavas can learn the foundation of our sampradhaya from the best scholars.

Paramanadi trust is going to conduct an online part-time Srivaishnava sampradaya foundation course. This course will lay strong foundation for anyone wishing to study our sampradaya texts or scriptures or aagama.

Benefits of the course

The main hurdle for those who wish to pursue a study of saastras or sampradaaya or aagamaa or Vaidika prayoga is the language. Unless we know Sanskrit and Tamil, we can’t understand or enjoy any of our sampradaaya texts in entirety. Other fields mentioned have a strong foundation in Sanskrit as a prerequisite. Beginning from pronunciation, extreme care has to be taken to notice the minute intricacies of spoken and written Sanskrit. If we develop a keen eye to notice the subtle points, writing style of authors and ways of interpretation, we will be able to understand our texts really well. At the end of the course, you will be able to speak, write and understand Sanskrit; you will have a strong foundation to pursue any sastra or sampradaaya grantha.


Who can Join?

Anyone who is willing to learn Sanskrit or is wishing to study and enjoy our sampradaaya granthas or wants to become a vidvaan or an upanyaasaka or an archaka or a vaidika purohita (upaadhyaaya or vadhyar) can benefit by joining the classes. There will be something new and useful in this course even for people who are already involved in these fields.


Srivaishnavas who wish to join the course must have had Upanayanam and Samaashrayanam. Children in the age of seven to twenty are invited to make use of this golden opportunity. Interested Srivaishnavas who are above twenty and have had upanayanam and samaashrayanam, can also join the course.

Medium of Teaching

This will be an online course taught over Google Meet. You would need google classroom, google meet and google calendar apps to join live video classes or you could opt to use the web version. Kindly use a Gmail ID to register and join the classes. There will be periodic interactions, assessments and guidance as part of the class. Recordings of the classes will be provided to everyone who has registered.


The classes will be held from 6:30 pm to 8 pm (IST) on Saturdays and Sundays. Those who cannot attend the live class due to time-zone differences can hear recordings that will be shared. The course would tentatively begin on October 23rd, 2020. You will be intimated about the details by email. This would be a four-year course.

Fees and Course material

The course will be conducted for free. Those who are willing to donate and can afford to donate, can contribute to aid the trust in its activities for the betterment of our sampradaaya. Details about donation can be found at https://www.paramanadi.org/donations/ or in the Donate button in the Menu of AayarThevu app.

Most of the course material is available for free on the internet. Details of these will be provided in the classes. Those who wish to buy a hardcopy of the books can buy the same after joining the course.

Course content

  1. Sanskrit – Alphabets to Basics of grammar to Sanskrit Literature. (Those who know alphabets or basics, can also register now and attend the classes based on the topic to be covered in that class which will be informed)
  2. Tamil – Basics of grammar and Literature.
  3. Principles and practices of Sri Vaishnavas.
  4. Introduction to dharmas and aagama.
  5. Meaning of Sandhyavandhana mantras.


Budding bright scholars who have been studying saastras and srivaishnava sampradaaya for many years and have devoted their lives to the spread of srivaishnava dharma will handle the classes. There will also be special invitees who will deliver guest lectures on certain topics.


You can register to the course by filling in this google form https://forms.gle/ffrHof8CY6bDPDWms7 and uploading a photo of yours.

For further queries, contact: admin@paramanadi.org  or +91 93455 70750

Telegram Channel

We also have a telegram channel to receive instant updates about the class and our Trust updates.

Invitation Link for joining Paramanadi Telegram channel – https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFaj9wzX_aPQ6qqKQw