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Srivaishnavas have the duties of studying the granthas authored by our ancestors, spreading them, and, following the principles laid out in them. The AayarThevu app has been formed with a view to aid Srivaishnavas to attain this goal. Upanyasams of Thiruvellarai Melatthirumaaligai Ammaal Sri.U.Ve Vishnuchithan swami on some of the important granthas that Srivaishnavas need to learn will be available here. This is an app for Srivaishnavas who wish to hear them and for those who wish to know the details of Thiruvellarai utsavam or functions in Thiruvellarai Melatthirumaligai.

Please listen to the Upanyasams of Thiruvellarai Melatthirumaaligai Ammaal Vishnuchithan swami by downloading the AayarThevu app from here:



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