The Mission of Paramanadi Trust



प्रमाणञ्च प्रमेयञ्च प्रमातारश्च सात्त्विकाः ।
जयन्तु क्षपितानिष्टं सह सर्वत्र सर्वदा ।।






The triad of Pramana,  Prameya, and Pramata is frequently mentioned in many texts and conversations between our Aachaaryas.









Pramana means a source of knowledge. Prameya is the absolute truth. Pramata is a person who inquires using Pramana and understands the Prameya.









The Vedas are Pramana. The Lord, his divine consorts, their divine abode, and their divine servants are all Prameya. Swamy Ramanuja and his followers who helped understand the Vedas and extract this information are Pramatas.








Unless we preserve our Pramanams and encourage the Pramatas in their search for the Prameyam, we can’t preserve our rich Visishtadvaita Srivaishnava tradition. Since we get to learn about Emberuman only through our scriptures, and since it’s only the Pramatas who establish the existence of Emberuman along with His attributes etc. , when some arguments arise  in a philosophical debate, the Prameyam that exists between the Pramanam and Pramata, will be safely guarded as long as these two are protected.








Hence, the mission of Paramanadi Trust is to protect Pramanams by:

  • preserving, publishing, and scanning texts;
  • organising recitals of these;
  • organising classes teaching these












  and Pramatas by supporting them financially.