Under the guidance of Thiruvellarai Melatthirumaaligai Ammaal Sri.U.Ve.Sowmyanarayanaachaarya swami, a Sri Vaishnava trust by the name “Paramanadi Trust” has been established and requires your support.

The purpose of the trust is to:                                               

  • Protect the sampradaaya granthas and encourage scholars who devote their full time for the study of Shastras and Sampradaya granthas.
  • Maintain a continuous flow of Visishtadvaita Srivaishnava scholars and sustain the lineage of preceptor-disciple.
  • Make sure that Aazhvaars and Aachaaryas teachings are not lost upon future generations.

Those who wish to devote full time for the study of the Shastras must do so without fear of financial instability. Hence, we must join our hands to start supporting our scholars and students.

You can support us by visiting www.paramanadi.org/donations


The greatness of the study of Shastras

The study of the Vedas and constant pondering over its meanings have been counted by Lord Krishna to be a karma-yoga (Gita  4 – 28). In another place (Gita 3-31), He praises those who are steadfast in karma-yoga, those who have just shraddha towards it and even those who are not against it. He says all of those would get relieved from sins and get to do karma-yoga in due course of time and attain salvation through it.


Power of Sribhashyam

The recital or hearing or the study of Sribhashyam, the meaning of Brahmasutras, has been proclaimed in Smrthis to be equal to an Atikrucchra done eighty times (Vide Sribhahsyaparishkaarah). Krucchra, Atikrucchra are types of difficult praayaschittah to be done for fifteen days or twelve days.  These are said to purify a person if done once. One can imagine the power of purification of Sribhashyam if it is eighty times that of a Krucchra. Emberumaanaar himself says alphabets of his Sribhashyam have been taken from Gaayatri, the essence of the Vedas. And that these are nectar-like. He says Sribhashyam has the power to protect those burnt in the samsaara fire, i.e., those suffering in this world.

Holiness of Divyaprabandham

One who studies the commentaries of our Aachaaryas on the divine songs of Aazhvaars attains the fruits to be achieved by:

  • Bathing in all pure rivers
  • Meditating upon the lotus feet of the Aachaaryas
  • Donating land to a needy person
  • Doing tarpanam to Pitrus, Devas
  • Recital of all mantras and
  • Doing all penances.

In short, studying the commentaries of our acharyas is equal to doing all Vedic rituals taken together.

It’s because we have stopped studying these gems that we are suffering from various sorrows and ills. There is a wealth of knowledge hidden in these veritable treasures. As a Srivaishnava, it’s our born right to enjoy this wealth. But most of us hardly know the greatness of these texts. Lack of preceptors makes it impossible for anyone who wishes to study these texts.

The compulsion of earning a living has driven us away from devoting full time to the studies and propagation of these granthas.



Thiruvellarai Melatthirumaaligai (the dynasty of Ammaalaachaarya Engalaazhvaan, a disciple of Emberumaanaar and Thirukkurugaippiraan Pillaan) is and has been doing the following:

  • Conducting a Sribhashyam sadas in Thiruvellarai for the past thirteen years. Foremost scholars from our sampradaayam grace the sadas and deal with advanced topics related to Sribhashyam.
  • We are conducting a monthly sadas on Vedanta, Aruliccheyals and Rahasyam.
  • We are conducting paaraayanam of the full text of Sribhashyam, Bhagavadvishayam and other sampradaya texts every year.
  • Planning to conduct vedapaaraayanam regular
  • We are Scanning rare books which are out of print so that they are not lost forever.
  • We are trying to secure physical or scanned copies of old manuscripts and collecting books from donors. There is a pressing need to bring out a critical edition of various texts comparing readings from several manuscripts. Scholars of the previous two centuries published books based on the few manuscripts they were able to lay their hands upon. We are unable to understand a few places in our granthas because of the unavailability of the correct reading.
  • We are providing a mobile app AayarThevu, available in Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Upanyaasams on various aspects of our sampradaayam by Thiruvellarai Melatthirumaaligai Vishnuchithan swami are available in this app.
  • We are proposing to start a part-time course conducted by reputed scholars covering Sanskrit and sampradaayam.
  • Planning to provide a monthly honorarium to scholars who study Shastras, Sribhashyam and other texts belonging to our sampradaayam. Planning to give a monthly stipend to students who come to study these granthas full time.


Your support

To achieve all those mentioned above, we need the help of all Srivaishnavas and others.

Those who wish to donate: Please visit www.paramanadi.org/donations

We request all of you to inform everyone known to you and urge them to donate according to their willingness.

                                                                    Do Lend Your Hands